Bathroom Repair Tips Sure to Generate Success

When it comes to bathroom repairs, usually there are no simple solutions. Most bathroom repairs are extensive and pricy especially if rot, mildew or mold, and fowl odor are all factors.

I generally send the wife and kids off the in-laws for a few days for this repair job. It is for their own good… Right?

Before you end up with the same exact problem 6 months down the road, I would suggest you determine the cause(s) for the problem(s). This can be anything from a lack of air circulation, poor caulking, poor materials, faulty hardware, or a lack of regular maintenance. Once the source of the problem is determined, you are ready to start your repair job.

Do the repair job once and do it right regardless of price…and vow to maintain it regularly.

A) Begin this repair job by removing everything affected by the problem. For example: If your bathroom repair job involves a rotten floor, remove more than required to eliminate the entire problem and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

B) Remove and replace any rotten/moldy drywall with water resistant drywall. See drywall repair page. If studs are rotten they will also need to be replaced. If the problem is recent, you might be able to just get away with a few days of drying out with a good fan instead of having to replace everything.

C) Crack fill, sand smooth and paint as necessary.

D) Drill holes for drains and water pipes after carefully determining the placement of each appliance.

E) Lay the floor.

F) Connect new bathroom fixtures and set into place as planned.

G) Attach all required baseboard and trim around windows and floor.

H) Complete all necessary caulking to seal all nooks and crannies and allow to cure before using your new fixtures. See page on caulking.

When considering a bathroom repair job be prepared for the worst!


Be sure to have on hand an extra wax seal for your toilet. Once you unbolt the toilet from the floor, you cannot reuse the old wax seal under it.

If you are replacing all bathroom fixtures make double sure that everything fits where planned before you start. Good preparation goes a long way to obtain a successful bathroom renovation.

When dealing with plumbing, be sure to have extra materials on hand in case you run into challenges. Yes, there are always a few challenges with most repair jobs.

Be sure to install an appropriately sized bathroom ventilation fan if you don’t already have one in place. Better air circulation can go a long way to prevent future problems especially in a bathroom where moisture is forever abundant.

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