Tips on Getting Your Handyman Connections

Handyman connections are a very real part of any handyman business. These connections will serve to be extremely valuable to the customers you serve and to your bottom line or profit margin. These valuable connections in the industry can either allow you to pass on some of that discount to your clients or keep it as profit margin for yourself.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. A Famous Saying With Sound Advice!

There are some little tricks to the trade that a family handyman can possibly use to his benefit. The next time you pick up your supplies for your next family handyman project why not ask for “Contractors Price”. This price is reserved for those loyal good paying customers who quite often buy supplies in bulk from a local building supplies store.

You may be able to negotiate a better price on materials if you do all your shopping in one place, and or foresee that you will have a high volume of goods to be purchased there in the near future.

Sales representatives are a great connection to have no matter what business you are in. Along with inside information about manufacturer’s rebates, they anticipate and inform loyal customers about back-orders due to shortages of supply and may even make emergency deliveries to keep a good paying customer. Be sure to make them part of your team for the added value they provided.

If you can't find the time to do it right, when will you ever find the time to do it twice?

Although you don’t necessarily need a handyman connection to negotiate a better price, it certainly doesn’t hurt. Negotiating a better price is based on a combination of factors such as: past and future sales volume, prompt payment, loyalty, and the working relationship between the contractor and the store. A contractor or handyman who pays their bills on time generally get their deliveries first; learn about deals and promotions first; and maintain good working relationships with their suppliers.

Rebate Programs:

Rebate programs are available in some areas and can save builders hundreds of dollars per house. Manufacturers offer rebate deals to encourage builders to use new or lagging product lines. Everything is negotiable. But some things are more negotiable than others. It is important to focus your energy on products with negotiable margins.

The Handyman Connection Franchise:

The Handyman Connection is a United States of America franchise that was founded in 1990. This franchise specializes in all home improvement services by performing small home repairs and remodeling jobs.

This franchise requires that their handymen are bonded, licensed and insured — with at least ten years' experience.

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