Does Your Fence Provide Security, Sanity, and Privacy or all of the Above?

There can be many reasons the family handyman might want a fence on the property. Whether it is out of absolute necessity, security, or personal sanity or to improve the landscaping or block an unsightly disgrace, the type you choose needs to fit your specific needs.

Before you begin digging to install your fencepost, please be sure to contact your city or town development crew to determine where underground wires and pipes are before you start. It is also courteous to inform neighbors of your intentions.


We all like our privacy and it is difficult to find sometimes in urban areas where homes are in close proximity to one another. Most of us have had an annoying or nosey neighbor that we've wanted to block and privacy fencing is the answer. It can also be used to increase privacy around a pool. The most popular types tend to be the ready-made wood panels. Although not really appealing to look at, these panels are quite effective in attaining the privacy factor.

Privacy designs and materials can vary to some degree depending on the style of your property and home. Make sure to choose a style that best suits your situation. Your choices include plastic, vinyl, metal, and chain link fencing with plastic inserts.

Solar fencepost lights can fancy things up at night while adding mood lighting to your yard in areas that were previously dark and dreary. They won’t light up your backyard soccer field but they are rather stylish. I have found that the more expensive ones are brighter and have more LED lights per post cap. All Solar fencepost lights easily attach to the fenceposts with a couple of screws. And there is no wiring required, they’re solar remember?

Solar fencepost lights are available in plastic, aluminum, bronze, copper, or stainless steel. They all do the same job so go with whichever style you like and fits your budget.

Pet safe invisible fences:

These are becoming increasingly popular for many different reasons including reproductive control, leash laws, and good old neighborly courtesy. While a plain one can do the same job in most cases, a popular alternative these days seems to be the petsafe wireless ones. The underground or wireless type is a combination of training and technology. It is intended to be a correction deterrent to your pet not a punishment. It takes the animal a few days or so to catch on but most do very well with it.

Garden Border:

Garden border fencing can dress up your garden and be completely decorative or it can serve a dual purposes. It is a very effective way to keep those unwanted neighborly annoying roaming pets and wildlife out of your garden.

Electric Fences:

This type is an effective, simple, and economical way of keeping livestock in or keeping wildlife out. They are also a safe and affordable alternative to barbed-wire.

Materials needed for installation:

  • A charger - A plug in model or a solar powered one with battery depending on your situation and access to power.
  • Wooden stakes – This can be a fancy or as rustic as you desire.
  • A Mall to pound the stakes into the ground or a post hole digger if you want to get fancy.
  • A hammer and spikes to attach the insulators to the stakes.
  • Fencing pliers for cutting the wire and pulling the wire taut.
  • Wire
  • Plastic insulators

    It is a fairly straightforward process for the family handyman to install. First, disconnect the power supply and drive stakes into the ground adding support if necessary especially corner posts. My dad used to cut logs and shape the end like the point on a pencil so it could be driven into the ground with a mall.

    Attach an insulator to each post at 30 inches up from the ground or lower if you are attempting to keep smaller animas in or out.

    Run the wire through the insulators on the posts making sure nothing is touching the wire to obstruct the current and attach the end to the charger to complete a full circle.

    Test the voltage present in the line with a digital voltage meter.

    That's it you're done, now sit back, relax and enjoy.

    Fencing can also be provided in the form of chain link, mesh or wire netting, wood, or just about any material you want to make it out of. Sometimes coming up with your own unique design can create quite a conversation piece.

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