Download Free Handyman Business Forms!

These free handyman business forms will help you organize your work and save you time.

Below are various forms you will likely use over the course of being a handyman business owner and a short description of what each should contain (not all are down-loadable...)

Getting Business

Quotation The first free handyman business form to download is a quotation, which allows you to bid on a job. You specify who your customer is, and break down the job into materials, time, and labor costs for the customer. Generally, you also indicate an effective end date of the quoted prices to protect yourself.


The contract specifies the conditions of the project. The contract formalizes an agreement between the customer and the handyman.

At the very least, the handyman contract should consist of:

  • A description of the job in a enough detail to protect you in case of change (see below)
  • Cost of the job
  • A payment schedule
  • Estimated start and completion dates
  • Who is responsible for what (i.e. purchasing materials, delivery of materials, obtaining permits, etc.)

Changing Business

Change Requests

The handyman change request can be a very important document, used in conjunction with the contract, to protect yourself from changes in scope of work.

Say, for instance, you contracted with a customer to replace a bathtub. As you install the bathtub, the customer notices that the bathtub is slightly smaller than the one before, thereby exposing a few inches of unfinished floor.

The customer asks you to fix the floor in addition to replacing the tub.

At this point, you fill out a change request (similar to a quote), specifying a contract number, details of the job, cost to the customer, and then ask the customer to sign it.

Running the Business

Revenue and Expense Tracking

The main indicator of whether you are making any money is a revenue and expense tracking system (download this free handyman business form by clicking the link and unzipping the file on your computer).

A simple spreadsheet can be devised with columns along the top indicating the type of revenue or expense (i.e. Construction sales, Materials sales, supplies, business fees, vehicle expenses, utilities, office supplies, etc.).

Each row indicates a date of sale or purchase, description of sale or purchase, and the dollar amount which is placed in the appropriate revenue or expense column.

Each column is totaled at the bottom so you can see how much you spent on that type of expense, or how much money you made on the type of revenue.

Add up all the revenue columns. Add up all the expense columns. Subtract the expense total from the revenue total, and that's how much money you made in the time period you entered data for.

Time Sheets

Time sheets are an absolute necessity if you have employees. You'll need to track what hours they spend working to pay them properly, but more importantly, you need to track where they spent their time and what they were doing.

A quick spreadsheet can be done up, printed, and posted in your office or kept in your truck for each employee. The employee records where they were working, what they were doing, and how long they were doing each task.

This allows you to record their hours as well as record who you need to bill and how much you need to bill them.

Selling the Business


The last free handyman business form for download is the handyman invoice.

Simply download the invoice, modify the appropriate fields with your own business information and that of your client. Supply an invoice number (should be unique, don't reuse invoice numbers - it could lead to real pain later), make cheque payable to name (or delete this section), and in Canada put your HST number on it.

Now print the invoice and send to your client for payment!

Payment Reminder Letter

Finally, there will be some clients you have to remind to pay you.

A simple template letter indicating the outstanding invoices, total of those invoices, and a polite reminder to pay is generally effective enough to spur your client into action.

Not only will the letter help, but they serve as proof that you attempted to collect payment in the case of sending the debt to a collection

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