Where do You Find Your Home Decorating Inspiration?

For most homeowners, home decorating is what makes a home not only relaxing and comfortable but also unique.

The family home is generally our safe haven. It’s where we hang our hat so to speak, and where it is OK to be me.

The family home is where our roots are established, and where we learn to fly. For most, there’s no place like home!

Part of the reason for this connection is our comfort level with our surroundings. When it comes to decorating, no two homes will ever be the same. Every one has their own specific taste when it comes to colors, style, furniture, and accessories.

If you’re anything like me, the budget puts a damper on many decorating ideas but opens up room for increased creativity if you are handy. I like to look at it as a challenge.

Sometimes the most difficult part of home decorating is knowing where to begin.

Decorating tips to get you started:

  • Determine your budget for each room and possibly consider a trip to the second-hand shop or a yard sale. You never know what you might find.
  • Look up photos of homes and furnishings on the internet to get some decorating ideas from various celebrity homes.
  • Magazines offer countless opportunity to gather ideas. Eliminate what won’t work and narrow down what could work in you particular situation.
  • Find a theme, a color scheme, and style that you like or prefer.
  • Determine lighting preference. This can dramatically change the mood in any room.
  • Determine the flooring that would best suit the new room
  • Keep in mind your unique storage requirements.
  • Pick out the furniture you need and the accessories you would like to have.
  • There is much selection when it comes to appliances these days. The color, size and style of the appliances can dramatically change the look of any room.
  • A simple change in window treatments, paint color, or accessories can transform any room and give it a new fresh look and feel.

    Sometimes what I do is start with an accessory or window treatment that I love and build my room from that. Choose a secondary color from the curtain for the walls or add pillows to bring out a subtle color in the curtain. It is good to gather all your ideas and accessories before you begin. That way you can guarantee it will all pull together for the final product.

    Well, hopefully these home decorating tips have inspired you and given you a starting point for your next project. Remember that however you decide to decorate it has to please you and your family and not anyone else.

    Happy decorating!!!

    Would you like to decorate but you just aren't handy? I'll show you how to become the Handywoman you've always wanted to be.

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