Building a Handyman Tool kit

by Jenny

At the tender age of 21, I was handed the keys to my very first place.

It was a maisonette in a the big town of Milton Keynes. I loved that place!

As I moved my few house hold possessions in, I found I wanted to put up pictures, move a few things around and I needed some help. The help had to include tools, for I had none!

That first weekend, my Mum & Dad came to visit.

At one point on the Saturday, he said to Mum "I'm borrowing Jenny".

And with that out we went. Its not often I got to go shopping with my Dad on my own. It was quite exciting...but we ant to a DIY store. :-/

As I followed him in, he marched me to the 'toolbox' section.

He selected a toolbox. We then went to select a hammer, some screwdrivers and a few other bits and bobs.

Wasn't exactly a thrilling shopping trip for a girl!

However, when we got back to my flat, my Dad made a point of doing all the jobs I wanted
doing using the tools from my toolbox.

It was quite liberating to think that with some time and reading, I too could do these things.

So what would you recommend to be placed in a toolbox for a first time home owner?

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